AstorMallet (Snr Contributor)
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Company Name: Astor & Mallet
Contact name and title: David Agrell, GM
Address: 161 Greenfield Avenue, San Rafael, California
Contact No: (718) 593-4411
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Astor & Mallet provides an extensive selection of hand-carved architectural motifs, decorative mouldings, and ornamental woodcarving to architects, decorators, cabinet shops, furniture makers, carpenters, and homeowners. Our products are made-to-order and hand-carved to the highest quality. Our workshop is operated by our sister company, Agrell Architectural Carving, which has been producing custom-carved ornament for nearly four decades. Now, Astor & Mallet provides its customers an opportunity to bypass the custom process and acquire hand-carved ornamentation at a more affordable cost.

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  • Flower-and-Plume Pediment Appliqué
  • Architectural Pediment Appliqué
  • Acanthus-and-Bell Drop Appliqué
  • Adam-Style Bellflower Swag Appliqué
  • Bound Acanthus-Leaf Flourish Appliqué
  • High-Relief Shell Pediment Appliqué
  • 18th-Century-Style Floral Drop Appliqué
  • Pierced Corner Appliqué
  • Double Acanthus-and-Pearl Drop Appliqué
  • Flower-and-Fruit Swag Appliqué
  • Acanthus-and-Plume Pediment Appliqué
  • Triple-Layered Scallop Shell Appliqué
  • Renaissance-Style Flower Scroll Appliqué
  • French Louis-Style Acanthus-Leaf Scroll Appliqué
  • Renaissance-Style Acanthus Scroll Appliqué
  • Governor's Acanthus-Leaf Scroll Appliqué
  • Versatile Small C-Scroll Appliqué
  • Acanthus-and-Flower Scroll Appliqué
  • French-Style Acanthus-Leaf Scroll Appliqué
  • Simple Acanthus-Leaf Scroll Appliqué
  • Acanthus-Leaf Pediment Scroll Appliqué