Members & Contributors Agreement

By becoming a member or contributor and for the duration of your membership of Ornapedia, you agree to abide by the terms of this agreement.

The use of website is also governed by our Privacy and Cookie Policy and our Terms and Conditions, which are incorporated into this Members and Contributors Agreement by this reference and can be reviewed under "Organization" at the bottom of the page on this site.

As a member or contributor of Ornapedia, you must not use the site in any unlawful way.

As a member or contributor the images you upload or send to Ornapedia for uploading to the site must be yours to give away and not owned by someone else or their copyright, unless they are sent to Ornapedia with the owners permission.

As a member or contributor, all the images you upload or send to Ornapedia for uploading to the site are considered FREE and therefore can be used by anyone for reasonable use. If you don’t want your images used for free then please don’t upload or send them to Ornapedia.

As a member or contributor the images may be used within a private or business presentation or for demonstration purposes; however if it is found that anyone is benefitting financially from directly using the images then legal action will be taken. If the images are used in any advertising, marketing, or other published pieces of work by any individual or organization without the permission of Ornapedia, then you will have broken the terms of use of this membership agreement and action will be taken.

While Ornapedia endeavors to describe the images accurately it does not guarantee or take responsibility for any of the information contained on this site. If you feel that the description of an image is inaccurate, or it can be improved upon, please contact us.

If you feel that any image is unacceptable or infringes copyright or privacy, please contact us.

Do not falsify the origin of your work. For example, if it is not your work or that of your own company, don’t say it is. In addition, if you were not directly commissioned by the client or their agent for any aspect of the work for which you are taking credit, have the person or organization whose project it was give you permission to claim the work as yours.

The commenting sections are a pubic form of communication and therefore you must be respectful of opinions of others and of their privacy. While all communications cannot be continuously monitored, Ornapedia will remove anything that it considers inappropriate. If you feel that any communication is unacceptable, please contact us.

The terms of this membership and contributor’s agreement may change; those changes will be posted on the site or sent in an email and take effect immediately. If you don’t like those changes or for any reason wish terminate your membership and this agreement go to "My Account" and click on the "Delete Your Account" button to stop using the site.

You agree to indemnify Ornapedia, its staff, and its officers against legal responsibility of any and all claims for any content on the site.