Ornapedia Mission

 - and what is needed to make it happen.

Ornapedia is an extensive library of Decorative Arts images with a single purpose: to demonstrate what defines good design and skillful execution in the ornamentation of a building or object. In our world of mass production and dwindling craftsmanship, Ornapedia’s mission has never been more important. 

With inspiration from the images on this site, everyone involved in the Decorative Arts -  user or maker - will have an understanding of what is possible and demand only the best of themselves and their work.

Ornapedia needs to be a place to discuss in words and images what is good in the Decorative Arts - to involve, educate and inspire.


All very good but Ornapedia itself is seriously lacking……………….


If, by definition, Decorative Art is the application of good ornamentation applied to a building or an object - the site must vastly broaden the scope of work seen here today.

That means expanding the trades and cultures currently available.

For example, Ornapedia needs glasswork, pottery and ceramics –  basket weaving, tapestry and carpets -  there are no Asian, African or aboriginal skills. No Frescos – or graffiti!

If you care about this mission and wish to create a connection with like-minded people across the world, Ornapedia urgently needs your help - what to look for, where to go and how to get it.

Email the [email protected] to discuss your thoughts and ideas.