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Company Name: Agrell Architectural Carving Ltd
Contact name and title: CEO
Address: 161 Greenfield Ave - San Rafael - Ca 94901 USA
Contact No: 001 415 425 9474
Website: agrellcarving.com
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For over thirty years, Agrell Architectural Carving has earned the reputation for being one of the most quality-oriented hand carving companies in the world. Fine-tuned by a long history of magnificent commissions, we offer our clients a highly experienced management team and more than twenty expert carvers to deliver your projects on time, to budget and of the highest quality.

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  • Art Nouveau panel
  •  Ribbon and reed moulding
  •  Laurel leaf moulding
  •  Torus moulding
  •  Acanthus cyma
  • Interlace moulding
  • Frame with sea creatures
  • Column with flowers
  • Nouveau chair
  • Square capital
  • Square capital
  • Simple egg and dart capital
  • Egg and dart capital
  • Capital with acanthus
  • Capital
  • Capital in oak
  • Temple of the winds
  •  Acanthus bracket
  •  Acanthus bracket
  • Appliqué for joint
  • Appliqué of acanthus